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When they phone, tell them they’re liars and thieves, and hang up. If they persist, string them along for along as you can. If they don’t get the message, get a whistle or rape alarm. I have now rung BT and they said they cannot do anything about it, neither can the Police or Microsoft.

Now looking at these comments, I feel a bit silly having not been aware of this before now. Mitto Markets provides UK traders with a reasonable selection of tools limefx cheating and a strong range of products, with the notable exception of cryptos. The FCA authorisation, free demo account and zero minimum deposit are certainly advantages.

  • Thank you for sharing your feedback, Godfrey!
  • Our post from last June has had over 100 comments from people receiving these calls, and in a few cases the recipients of the calls have been taken in, and handed over cash.
  • My fears were confirmed , when surprise surprise, he could not fix the problem over the phone.
  • No, FX Premiere is not a scam although transparency is lacking in certain areas.

Clients can access 100+ assets on their proprietary trading software. Our Videforex broker review will cover their UK account registration and login process, spread offering and minimum deposit requirements. Plus, we dive into their platform and mobile app to review their key features. I received my second call in about 4 months from Windows Support!!!! Microsoft is the most customer satisfaction conscious company in the world.

A limited FAQ section is available on the broker’s website and there is no live chat support. Share dealing is available under ISA and SIPP accounts only. A portfolio management service is also available upon request, offering three specialised profiles. FX Premiere also offers educational resources in the form of blog articles and the latest news about the trading market. There is also additional support offered in the form of live data feeds like Bloomberg Terminal inhouse on its official Telegram channel.

TIOmarkets agent was prompt in…responding to my birthday request and responding to my questions

Find out whether to open a Mitto Markets trading account. No, account verification is not required as FX Premiere is just a forex trading signal provider and does not provide an integrated trading platform or exchange. Short of becoming a member, you can still participate in FX Premiere’s free Telegram Channel and receive up to 2 free trading signals per day to use at your sole discretion. On top of the three types of available accounts, FX Premiere also offers two special plans – The Ultimate Lifetime Package for $500 or the XAU/USD Gold Signals Only plan for $19.99 per month. With over 40 years of experience, the broker provides a range of CFDs and FX instruments across the MetaTrader platforms.

In addition, CFDs in the form of five indices and 68 equities are available to trade. More experienced traders are not limited by the user-friendly interface. If customers desire more control and comprehension of their LimeFX selections, there is the enhanced capability for deepening as well as a large range of data and charts available for analysis.

If I win the lottery I shall pay them all a visit and TAR and feather the whole call centre. Action Fraud told me to just hang up, although I think next time I’ll see how long I can keep them on for. It’s scam run by a load of thieves, cheats, and liairs.!

He went on and on but he couldn’t give me  the date of my software license which he insisted he knew all about so I thanked him for the call and hung up. Prior to that I had a call from a chap who even said are you sitting next to your computer and I will go through it with you. Each time I have told them I am with telephone preference service and they have no right to call and they ring off. I received another call today and I told them before you start talking me through what I had to do that I had to tell you that I am recording this conversation and will hand it over to the Fraud Squad.

  • The Videforex website also provides a FAQ section.
  • If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via our 24/5 live chat support or at
  • I said well how’s that then, I am a pc engineer could you tell me how you have access to my laptop and he hung up immediately.
  • Told him I knew about the scam, which he denied, and where to get off and that his service was a scam and this time he suggested threateningly that he knew my IP address and I would see what would happen.
  • Only up to the point where the Indian sounding gentleman wanted remote access to my computer though.

The signal provides a brief summary of what the algorithm has found. The RSI is a key indicator used by traders. This, alongside other advanced charting tools, assists the algorithm when it’s scanning the markets for trading opportunities. FX Premiere sources more than 50 signals and distributes them to its members to help them become better forex traders.

Limited information is provided on the conditions of the demo account, however they usually simulate real-life market conditions with a virtual bankroll. Spreads and fees vary by platform and account. The minimum charge on the Trader WorkStation ranges from £3 – £5 per trade depending on the asset class. ECN accounts on the MT4 platform are subject to a commission of £3 per lot but benefit from raw floating spreads. Standard MT4 accounts charge no trading commission with spreads from 1.3 pips.

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Just in case anyone has not really read or understood the hundreds of previous posts on this website, don’t bother. It’s all over YouTube – just search for “Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scam”. And it’s been reported in The Guardian for the last 2 years. There is nothing new to say here about it. No. and name of the top Pooh Bar, no. 1 CEO who is running the scam.

LimeFX scam

One of the best foreign exchange Forex Broker is a really basic assertion, as a result of every investor has their very own wants and necessities from their Forex Broker. Nevertheless, a sensible investor will at all times have their fundamental Forex Broker, and one other Forex Broker as a backup. You possibly can see our checklist of hottest Forex Brokers. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active.

Account Types

Like the time they asked what computer I had – I paused for a moment then said it was black and silver. Eventually after a few of their questions it finally dawns to them that I may not actually own a windows device (i’m a mac user – but to be honest if I used a PC i’d still be winding these con-merchants up). I’ve had a few calls from them in the past, conveniently they call when I’m not up to much so I like to waste their time. The other slight worry is that I have a rating system from my anti-virus people which rated the site as “good based on few votes”. I added a vote as “illegal” but I doubt one vote will have much effect. Phoned again this time they had a really really aggresive tone from the start.

Having heard from them before I told them to e-mail me about the problem and hung up. However, I was quite worried until checking on this web site, thanks very much for the reassurance. No intention of calling him back, I am very aware of telephone scam calls & knowedgable about computers but due to his persistance someone else could easily have been taken in by him. I was called by them today I didn’t pay them anything! But I did give them access to my computer through the Ammyy program.

  • FX Premiere is a forex and crypto trading signal software that offers signals for leading currency and cryptocurrency pairs, as well as for some commodities.
  • Nevertheless, a sensible investor will at all times have their fundamental Forex Broker, and one other Forex Broker as a backup.
  • I had a call today from a company professing to be “windows support”, telling me that there was a problem with my computer and he could help.

Have had 4 years of these types of calls and all manner of threats. Today a new name “Anti Fraud Squad London” Same old problems, threat of how I will never be able to use my computer again. When I said they had the wrong info I was now with Apple Mac they said they along with Microsoft were also removing services from my computer. Go Ahead Make My Day – yes people should be aware of the scam BUT as is patently obvious many people are still falling for it – so the more publicity the better. So it’s not old news as folks are still being called up and fleeced. It has alway been Asian speaking personel who come on the phone very polite and talking over you during the whole conversations.

Trader WorkStation

LimeFX offers four accounts, which use a commission or subscription-based structure. Standard features across all accounts include a minimum trading volume of 0.01 lots, access to over 120 instruments, and negative balance protection. Just had phone call from “Windows Online Tech Support” foreign sounding guy.

I had a call a short time ago, definitely sounded like an Indian call centre. A gentleman who introduced himself as Michael from Windows support – this is @ the 3rd call this year of this kind and thankfully I have always been aware of the scam so did not get taken in. I told him that we were ex directory and he had no right to contact us without our permission and I demanded that he hang up or I would report him.

LimeFX scam

I just said ‘no’ to him, put the phone down and came to ‘Ask Jeeves’. I had not been aware of this scam but am now. I constantly receive ‘e-mail messages’ from friends and now just delete them straight away- often Chinese limefx forex broker distributors. I told them to send me an email or a letter because I did not believe them over the phone. If you’ve been targeted or think you’ve been a victim of such a fraud, you should report it to Action Fraud.

Registration is required before demo account credentials are provided. The minimum deposit requirement to open a live account with Videforex is $250 or equivalent currency for the Bronze account. Client portal access is password protected.

My excuse is that I was vulnerable having been hit by a virus on Saturday watching a youtube video – which just froze the computer. Then I started getting lots of error messages and could only run the computer in safe mode. So when this nice Indian lady said that they had received lots of error info from my computer … and the rest is history. Advanced Windows Care was loaded, remote access was given, and goodness knows what else was done. Straight to the “computer menders” today, I suspect they are harvesting email addresses and that will include info in address books like first names and phone numbers so that is how they can be convincing.

The broker is not registered with any financial authorisation or regulatory body. Videforex currently has 3000+ live accounts. Videforex Facts & Figures Videforex accepts deposits in a range of cryptos and fiat currencies. The MT4 platform offers secure logins with industry-standard data privacy. Account setup and personal information are transmitted through encrypted connections. Mitto Markets follows standard office hours with trading available 24/5, Monday to Friday.

We are glad that you are happy with your TIOmarkets experience. TMGM – TMGM is a competitive forex and CFD broker with a wide range of instruments, features and tools provided at low-cost. The MetaTrader platforms are both available as apps on iPhone and Android devices. Traders can manage and place trades easily whilst on the move.

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Even when I said I was lying to deliberately waste his time he didn’t give up. Just spent 20 minutes with ‘Niel’ in Glasgow from Windows Support & Services Centre – I got him to give me his name/number saying I’d phone back when I checked it out. It’s the 1st time I’ve had this particular call, but was 99% certain it was a scam from the word go. Hidden files/malicious junk … only Microsoft can deactivate… international routing department global monitoring… computer can crash at any minute etc. I asked what cost would be for this service – £70 or £80.

FP Markets – FP Markets is a multi-asset broker offering a choice of trading platforms. You can create a demo MT4 or MT5 account from within the client portal. Demo accounts are particularly useful for beginners who want to familiarise themselves with the platform and trading features before creating a live account. Demo accounts at LimeFX only expire following 30 days of inactivity. You can trade 120+ instruments at LimeFX, including over 45 currency pairs, 3 cryptocurrency pairs, a selection of precious metals and energies, 10 renowned stock indices, and a wide range of global stocks.

I have just discovered your site wish I had looked for information regarding this before now. Now and a again there would be a call to say my computor had viruses and was about to crash but as I knew there was nothing wrong with it I always refused to go on line with them. Today was the 3rd time this week that someone from ‘windows support’ have called me. I knew what it was straight away as a couple of months ago it happened to me the 1st time. Like everyone else I hadn’t herd of the scam at that point and did the checks they asked me which seem to be the sort of thing you can do yourself. He then led me to a website and asked me to download some software which would help.

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